Hyundai PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2 43C-07375-357091

PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2

PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2
PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2
PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2
Item:PT RIM Alloy 6JX14H2
Part number:43C-07375-357091
Stock code:M01164
Condition:New Old Stock.
Price: 28.00
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Item Description and Condition:

PT RIM 14 inch Alloy Wheel with Hub Cap and 4 Stud 114.3 PCD Hub. Suitable for 1995-1999 Accent.

New Old Stock.

Please Note: this Sale is for One Wheel Only. This will also fit Atoz 1997-2000 with Hub PCD 4x114.3 and Amica with Hub PCD 4x114.3 if Built before 2000 (after which the Hub PCD changed from 4x114.3 to 4x100). This will also fit Lantra 1996-2000 with Hub PCD 4x114.3.

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Good Points and Negative Points:

These are the Good Points:

  • Genuine PT RIM Alloy made for Hyundai.

These are the Negative Points, although mainly things we'd like you to know about:

  • Ex-Showroom Display.
  • This Sale is only for one Alloy, not for a set.
  • Some minor Bubbling to Paint.
  • Some minor Scuffs and Scrapes from Display and handling.
  • No Carton, but will be well Packaged for Shipment.
  • This is NOT suitable for Amica Built after 2000 using the 4x100 PCD Hub, nor for Accents Built after 1999.


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VAT Status of this Sale:

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