Payment Options

Payment via bank transfer:

Payment via bank transfer is our preferred method of payment, especially for higher value items.

We accept payment via bank transfer, which is now very fast since the introduction of the BACS Faster Payment System that the majority of UK banks have now adopted. Transfers often now take under 2 hours. However, some banks impose a 24 hour delay on initial transfers to a new payee.

In the United Kingdom, there are mainly two ways to send money via bank transfer, these being:

BACS: this used to be the slower method but with the new BACS Faster Payment Method, it can now take under 2 hours. This is also the standard used for On-Line banking. depending on your bank, BACS can take up to 3 working days to clear into our account, but should soon take less than 24 hours by Law.

CHAPS: this used be the faster method, but is being overshadowed now by the BACS Faster Payment Method. CHAPS is supposed to be Same Day. However, in reality, it can take longer, depending on the bank and the time of day when the transfer was organised. Most banks have a daily cut-off time for CHAPS, and that can be between 14:00 and 16:00. If transfers are made before that time, then the Funds are sent same-day and appear same-day. Beyond that cut-off time, the transfer is arranged at the start of the next working day and appear later that day. CHAPS also incurs a bank fee of approximately 20.00 (payable to your own bank).

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please let us know and we'll let you have our bank account details. In all cases, goods ship or are released for collection ONLY when the funds clear into our account (assuming stock is available, otherwise we ship when the back-order comes into stock). We cannot ship or release goods until we see the payment clear into our own bank account.

Please note that working days do not include weekends or Public (bank) Holidays. A 5 working day transfer can therefore take up to 7 or even or more days to clear if the transfer were to be made, for example, on a Thursday ahead of a Public Holiday weekend.

Payment via Cash Deposit to our bank:

Cash can be paid over the Counter direct at any branch of the CO-OPERATIVE bank (we'll provide full account details). This is surprisingly secure and easy, especially if you use the same Bank as we do (as it can then all be arranged over the counter with no need to carry money around).

A deposit receipt is always given by the branch, so proof of deposit is arguably more secure than payment via cheque. The bank also checks the cash to confirm that it is genuine. Cash deposit payments also clear our bank account within minutes, so it is actually significantly faster than any current electronic bank transfer, even CHAPS. Goods can be shipped or collected the moment we see the deposit clear into our account.

Cash deposit also incurs no fees!

Payment by Credit or Debit Card:

MotorMoor Accepts these Debit and Credit Cards

We have listed below a summary of the information that we will need when paying via either Credit Card or Debit Card:

For Credit and Debit Card payments, we need (via telephone, fax or post):

(1) Card number.

(2) Card start and expiry dates, and issue number if a Switch card.

(3) 3 digit security code on reverse of card, this usually follows the last four digits of the main number.

(4) Name of cardholder in full (please also state exactly how it appears on the card).

(5) Cardholder's registered address and post code as recorded with your Card Issuer (this is where the goods will be shipped, unless otherwise arranged and agreed in advance).

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Switch. We do not accept American Express or Diners. Some cards are also NOT suitable for mail order, such as Electron.

Payment via PayPal:

We can also accept Payment via PayPal

MotorMoor can accept Payment via PayPal

On lower value eBay items this is usually our default payment method, although we can accept other payment methods for almost any item if we are asked to change this before purchase.

On higher value items (where we have agreed to accept PayPal), we will need to be sure the PayPal account is valid. Therefore, we will usually ask that the PayPal account is both verified and the address confirmed. We may also ask for additional proof of identification and address.

Many lower value items listed on this Web Site can be paid for via PayPal. Just click the email link and make contact. Once we have confirmed your email address and other details, we will organise for PayPal to send you a PayPal payment request via email. All you then need do is pay PayPal direct via their secure system (following the payment instructions they will send you). You do not need to have a PayPal account, just a valid means of payment.

Once your payment has been authorised and accepted, then PayPal confirms this to us via email, and we can then ship the goods (or release the goods for collection in the case of vehicles or large items where this has been agreed in advance of sale).

A Quick Note on Value Added Tax (VAT):

Our Web Site policy is to list all prices fully, so that What You See Is What You Pay. Our sales enquiry emails always show how VAT is broken down, and buyers will always receive a VAT invoice when VAT needs to be stated. On some purchases, we may send two invoices, to split the order between a VAT invoice and a non-VAT invoice. However, the total payable will always be the same as the sales email.

Please note that all prices are quoted in Sterling, where goods incur Value Added Tax (VAT), customers in the United Kingdom and the European Economic Community (EEC) will be charged the VAT inclusive price. However, customers living outside of the UK, but still within the EEC, who are also registered for VAT, will only be charged the basic price (i.e. without VAT). To ship free of VAT within the EEC, we must be provided with a valid EEC VAT registration number and this will be checked prior to despatch. All customers living outside of either the UK or EEC will only be charged the basic price, as goods exported outside of the EEC can be shipped free of VAT.

The VAT issue on used parts is complex (for us not the customer), as we operate both the Margin VAT Scheme and the Global VAT Scheme for most New-Old-Stock and for Recycled Parts (where VAT is not usually charged). We also sell New Parts and some New-Old-Stock and some Recycled Parts "Plus VAT" (where VAT is charged at the standard rate applicable). This all depends on how we ourselves bought the parts. If bought on a VAT invoice, then VAT is always charged. Again, if we bought these items without VAT, then we do not usually charge VAT when we sell them ourselves. VAT is seldom charged on conventional vehicles such as cars. We will always state if VAT is applicable, mainly so that businesses who can claim this Tax back can plan to do so.

All courier based carriage charges will incur VAT, unless shipped to a VAT Registered Business outside of the UK but within the EEC, or when exported by us outside of the EEC.

In all cases, we will always aim to state the full price that has to be paid, and then advise if there is a VAT component that can be claimed back from within that price.

Summary of Payment Types Accepted:

(1) Cash Deposit

Must be received, or cleared into our bank account, before goods are despatched or released.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via Cash Deposit.

(2) Visa

Notes: we need Card number, expiry date, registered name, registered address, issuing bank, valid from date and buyers full contact details must all be supplied - goods shipped to cardholder's address. Card debited on despatch (or release) of goods, or at time of order if goods are Auction, eBay Sale or ordered specially and put onto back-order. We charge a fee for payment via Credit Card. Our fee is no greater than our own Merchant Services cost, currently 2.9%. This fee applies unless we advise otherwise.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via Visa Card.

(3) MasterCard

Notes: as above.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via MasterCard.

(4) Visa Debit

Notes: As above.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via Debit Card.

(5) Switch

Notes: As above.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via Switch.

(6) PayPal

Notes: PayPal Payments are accepted from all verified PayPal accounts with confirmed addresses. If the PayPal account is not verified, we may ask for proof of identity and proof of address before we will ship any goods. If we have any doubt, we may decline payment via PayPal and request payment via other means.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via PayPal.

(7) American Express is NOT accepted (and never will be).

Notes: We do NOT accept American Express.

Charges : N/A.

(8) Cheque

Notes: Must clear before goods are despatched or released.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via cheque.

(9) Cash

Notes: cash must be received, or cleared into our bank account, before goods are despatched or released.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via cash.

(10) BACS

Notes: BACS must be cleared into our account before goods are despatched or released.

Charges : None. We do not charge a fee when paid via BACS.

(11) CHAPS

Notes: CHAPS must be cleared into our account before goods are despatched or released.

Charges : None. We do not chrage a fee when paid via CHAPS.