MotorMoor History

MotorMoor Established 1995

MotorMoor was "Officially" established in 1995, when it became a Trading Division of IIID specialising on Insurance Loss vehicles, equipment and Plant. However, it effectively came into being as a result of a very long standing Motor hobby that went slightly mad! The roots go way back to the late 1970s, when our founder and Managing Partner was originally employed in the parts department of a Ford Garage in Essex. There he spent the long hot Summer of 1976 (when not riding his hog) reorganising the department to cope with the new codes that Ford had introduced at around that time. In 1977 he built a car almost from scratch (well, he had to, as bike crashes meant he had some time to kill at home waiting for broken parts to mend)! Moving on to higher education and his first degree, he then went into the forces where he soon found that he'd regularly drive a thousand miles in a weekend to see his girlfriend (now his wife). Most military bases are located at the far corners of the Kingdom, so forces personnel often drive considerable distances each weekend to visit family and friends. This brought about a pressing need for low cost but nevertheless powerful and reliable chariots to move him and his colleagues around the Country. In those days, low cost vehicles were all that a young Officer's salary would stretch to. But low cost vehicles were only of use if they were also reliable. The Motor hobby acquired a focus, and in turn became a side-line while he was otherwise employed by HM the Queen. Vehicles of all sizes, types and kinds have been omnipresent ever since.

To this day, a significant proportion of MotorMoor's customers are forces and ex-forces personnel who appreciate the advantages of a straight talking business that tells you the full history of what it sells, warts and all. MotorMoor has evolved still further to handle a wider variety of other products, and now acts as the outlet for Stock Clearance items from both our own Trading Divisions and that of our growing number of business associates.

What follows below mainly covers the History and Background behind our Motor Insurance Loss Trading activities. This activity is becoming ever more tied up in Red Tape and Bureaucracy, so we hope that some of what we say below may help to clarify some of these issues. We'll update this page from time to time, in line with the latest developments from those nice people who are employed by the Government and the EEC to keep changing the rules and moving the jolly old goal posts!

Where to find a Good Deal?

It can be very hard to find a good vehicle or item when buying at conventional auctions or via the motoring papers, press and web. There is sadly a direct correlation between the number of owners and the likelihood that the mileage has been "adjusted" at some stage! Experience taught us long ago that any vehicle that has passed through the "Trade" many times over has to be treated with a degree of suspicion.

We found a solution to the budget problem at least, in the form of good quality Insurance Loss vehicles. The useful point being that these vehicles usually stop being used unexpectedly, so previous owners have no time or opportunity to prepare the vehicle for sale. Slightly damaged machines can be an ideal compromise between low price and reliability. Provided the damage is not serious and can be repaired correctly, carefully selected Insurance Loss machines can offer an ideal compromise between cost and performance. The end result can be a fine looking and highly reliable vehicle, often with genuine low mileage and with most of the heavy initial depreciation paid for by the original owner or Insurance Company. Resale values are lower than conventional machines but, after a few years use, subsequent resale values are often no different than if the vehicle had not been damaged at all. Quality motoring is therefore available without the need for significant expenditure.

Originally, we found that of all the cars available, SAAB 9000 Turbos were often particularly good value, as many even in the Trade were terrified of their complexity. It was therefore quite common to be able to buy a lot of car for very little outlay. When completed, these machines offered the seemingly impossible goal of having powerful and reliable machinery but at very low cost. The SAABs would eat miles with ease, and would do so with quite reasonable economy. Therefore MotorMoor started by specialising on this model and we handled many examples in the model range dating from 1984-1992. Indeed, we still have a barn full of good used parts for this vintage, and when we can find the time, we'll dig these out and will list them in a SAAB Used Parts Section on this Web Site.

SAAB then Hyundai!

MotorMoor was initially a business that specialised on sales of SAAB 9000 machines in general, SAAB 9000 Insurance Loss in particular, and SAAB 9000 used parts as a secondary tier to support the main activities.

As the business has grown, we gradually handled a greater range of vehicles covering models from Land Rover, Volkswagen, Lexus, Toyota and Citroen. We now often source specific machines upon request on behalf of our regular customers, irrespective of the Brand.

Hyundai is a comparatively new Brand for us, but is one that we decided to specialise on in 1998. We felt that Hyundai were starting to produce some very good machines, notably the excellent Sports Coupe first launched in 1997, and the closely related and heavily revised Lantra that appeared around the same time. We felt Hyundai was a company to watch over the coming years, as Hyundai seemed determined to gain serious market share. Furthermore, Hyundai had the resources and the determination to succeed. We have not regretted this decision, such that we are now buying and selling more Hyundais than any other Brand.

The Hyundai parts distribution system is now highly advanced, and the parent company has one of the best manufacturer's web sites going at the moment. Hyundai USA now has workshop manuals that can be viewed on line, and Hyundai UK's Marketing is going from strength to strength in line with their Parent Company's growing Market Share. Hyundai build quality has been improving year on year, backed up by increasingly sophisticated electronics and detailed computerised part numbering systems.

MotorMoor has invested in Brand New specialised Hyundai Diagnostic equipment, such that we can now examine both Hyundai and KIA vehicles in very considerable detail. We now have the equipment and growing expertise to check all Hyundai and KIA Stock very carefully, including a full electronic inspection of every major component and service. The nature of our Business means that we have encountered and solved problems that few Main Dealers will ever see.