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Contact via Email:

If you are reading this, then you have web access! Contacting MotorMoor via email is therefore just a few clicks away!

We are a highly email aware business, so we will usually respond very quickly...usually within the hour, or quite often within a few minutes of receiving your email. We are heavily IT based, so are more than happy to discuss anything via email. Our email communications are second to none.

To send an email, just click the Link below:

Click here to email MotorMoor

The MotorMoor email Server runs a full Security Check on all Inbound and Outbound Messages. Malicious, Unsolicited or Fraudulent Messages are always reported to the relevant Authorities together with detailed Server, Message Routing and IP Logs.

Contact via Telephone:

Please use email if possible, because we are geared to that, as opposed to voice based telephone-sales.

However, our main MotorMoor VoiceMail telephone number for general MotorMoor Web Site enquiries is as follows:

01364 644302

If you call and hear a message, please leave your name, number, email address and a brief message, and we will call or email a response. We are usually busy in the workshops, but we do check email and VoiceMail at least every 15-30 minutes.

Our main Business VoiceMail Number for eBay Sales and PayPal Customer Services issues is as follows:

01364 644300

If you call and hear a message, please leave your name, number, email address and a brief message, and we will call or email a response. We are geared to dealing with emails, so please use email whenever possible, and you will get a fast, clear and human generated response. We do not use email Template Letters and canned responses!

Telephone Preference Service (TPS):

All of our Telephone Numbers are Registered with the TPS. Unsolicited Calls will be Reported. Withheld Telephone Numbers will never be answered by a human. However, if your call is genuine, and your number is being hidden for an innocent reason, then please leave a message with your contact details, and we will respond.

Contact via Facsimile:

Our main fax number is:

01364 644308

We are happy to receive faxes from genuine Customers and Suppliers, but will delete and Report any unsolicited Fax Transmissions.

Facsimile Preference Service (FPS):

All of our Facsimile Numbers are Registered with the FPS. Unsolicited Transmissions will be Reported to the FPS.

Contact Address:

Our main HQ Postal Address is as follows:

MotorMoor HQ Address

Please note that we are a Web based business and Goods are not always held at our own Locations before Shipment (although most are, because we are not a Drop-Ship Mail Order Business because we prefer to maintain direct control over the Stock that we Sell). Some items, however, do Ship direct from our Distributors (such as some Brand New items).

We have no Shop or Collection facilities at this time, and our Administrative HQ is neither Rated nor Insured for Retail Operations involving hand held items or Parts. Other than for Document Service in the usual manner, visits to our HQ are therefore only by prior Appointment.