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Hyundai Parts relating to the Primary Fuel Components, including: Fuel Pumps, Fuel Lines, Fuel Filters, Carbon Filters, Inlet Manifolds, Injectors, Gaskets and Fuel/Inlet related Components.

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Fuel Filler Caps

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Fuel Filter Assemblies

Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters - In-Tank

Fuel Pump Mountings

Fuel Pumps - 12 Volt Electric

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    Ref: M01593

    Hyundai PUMP ASSY FUEL 31111-28300

    Fuel Pump for Lantra 1990-1995. Suitable for Lantras 1990-1995 Built from 07/02/1994. This Replaced Hyundai Part 31111-28100 for Lantras Built to 07/02/1994. Old and Later Parts can be used either way. New Old Stock. No VAT.

Fuel Pumps - Mechanical

Fuel Tank Level Sensors

Inlet Manifold Gaskets

Vacuum Components