Privacy Policy

MotorMoor Privacy Overview:

We are firm supporters of the Data Protection Act 1998. Our underlying Policy is that Customer Data should remain as confidential as possible. For this reason, we will never Sell nor Disclose Customer Data to any Third Party or Private Organisation, with the sole exception of disclosing the minimum details required to safely process Payment Transactions at the time of Sale. In any event, Data will only be disclosed to established Financial Institutions who provide us with Merchant Payment Facilities.

We do not offer Credit, so have no need to check your Credit History. Furthermore, MotorMoor will never deal with Credit Reference Agencies, and will never pass your details to any such Private Companies who engage in the Harvesting, Storage and Sale of Data for their own Profit.

Customer Data will therefore only be retained for the purposes of complying with current Legal and Statutory Requirements for Business Accounting, Documentation and Records.

MotorMoor Anti-Fraud Measures:

We operate a pro-active Policy to monitor all communications to ensure we are being contacted by genuine Customers.

Inbound Emails:

We will examine all inbound emails to check that the IP Address relates to the email Address/Domain. This is to ensure that any Messages we receive are genuine and have not been spoofed.

Customer Postal Addresses:

Customer Address and Postal Code details may be checked against Public Access Databases such as the Royal Mail or Courier Company Address Label Systems. This is mainly to ensure that any Addresses we are given are valid and have not been mis-typed or mis-spelt. Addresses are thus primarily checked to ensure that outbound Shipments are sent to genuine Addresses in order to avoid Delivery Delays.

Inbound Telephone Calls:

All inbound Calls are logged by Time, Date and Calling Line Identity (CLI). We seldom Record Telephone Conversations, but have the ability to do so and will announce this fact whenever a Call is to be Recorded. Our Telephone System does not allow us to take Calls if the Telephone Number has been withheld or hidden. However, all such Calls are instead routed to an Answering Machine. If you do Call and know the Number is being Hidden for an innocent reason, please just leave a Message and we will Call you back.

MotorMoor Customer General Data:

We only log and record such details as are needed to efficiently and safely process Sales Enquiries and Sales. This will typically include Name, Business Name, VAT Registration Number, Postal Address, Postcode, email, Telephone, Facsimile and Mobile Telephone details.

We may also store additional details such as Serial Numbers, or Vehicle Identity Numbers, to help us respond to Service or Part Sales enquiries concerning Equipment, Plant or Vehicles.

MotorMoor Customer Financial Data:

We do not Store Customer Credit and Debit Card details electronically, so there is nothing to hack on our Network. Such details are only ever recorded manually onto Paper, and are noted down during the Telephone Call or via Facsimile.

We will Photocopy any Cheque Payments, and will store these details with the Invoice to which the Payment relates. Our Business Records are kept very secure with enforced physical access controls.

MotorMoor Physical and Network Security:

In order to protect both our Systems and Customer Data, we use multiple layers of Physical and Computer safeguards such as Hardware and Software Firewalls, Physical and Virtual Network Segmentation and Zones, Anti-Virus and Network Security Software. We also enforce physical access controls to our Buildings, Network, Systems and Documentation Archives.

Our Site is also protected by sophisticated IP Security Cameras with Movement Activation and OCR Number Plate Recognition.

MotorMoor Contact with Customers:

We have a Policy of only Contacting our Customers when it is absolutely necessary. In most cases, this will be at the time of Order, Sale or Shipment. Our Sales System is geared to keeping Customers fully informed of their Order Progress, and we will send emails to cover Order Confirmation, Stock Confirmation, Pick and Pack Confirmation and Order Shipment Confirmation, as required.

We may Contact our Customers from time to time in order to keep them updated, but we do not compile Sales Lists and we do not engage in the Transmission of Bulk Sales or Marketing Emails or Letters.

We seldom contact Customers via Telephone, as we have a policy of keeping all Telephone Contact down to the absolute minimum, preferring instead to keep Communication in Writing whenever possible.

Customer Contact with MotorMoor:

Please contact us via our Contact page should you wish to discuss our Privacy Policy, or if you wish to correct any information that we hold.