Vehicle Parts Sales

MotorMoor Parts are now Listed with a Condition Statement to advise if the Part is Brand New (New), New but Old Stock that has been held in Stock elsewhere (New Old Stock) or if the item is a pre-Used or Refurbished Part (Used-Recycled).

Guide to our Vehicle Parts Sales Sub-Sections:

MotorMoor Web Prices: all Prices shown are the Total Payable (excluding Carriage, if charged). What You See Is What You Pay! VAT is included when applicable. Whenever VAT is included, Buyers will receive a VAT Invoice showing the amount of VAT that can be claimed back. Most New-Old-Stock Parts or Recycled Parts have no VAT, because we usually Sell these mainly on either the Margin or Global VAT Schemes. No VAT is payable in that case, and none can be re-claimed. A confirmation email will be Sent upon both Enquiry and Confirmed Sale, showing Buyers the likely VAT that can be re-claimed (if any). Buyers may receive up to two Invoices from us per Order, i.e. one VAT Invoice to cover Carriage and any items that have VAT included, and one Certified Margin/Global Invoice where no VAT is either charged or mentioned and none can be reclaimed.

The main Bulk of our Parts are Hyundai, but we also carry some Citroen, Chrysler, KIA, SAAB, Toyota and VW Parts. We'll add Sections as the Parts are made ready to List.

Our Standard Carriage on most items is 8.34+VAT= 10.00 via Carrier. That being per Shipment, not per item. The Carriage Charge would cover a group of Parts weighing up to 10Kg, if they can all be boxed and shipped as one batch. For very Heavy or Large/Bulky items, Carriage will cost more to Ship. For example, an engine shipped on a Wooden Pallet will cost between 45.00-95.00 including VAT depending on Location and Speed of Delivery. A Slower Service being the more cost effective on larger or heavier items.

To ask us about Carriage Costs for larger items or batches of items, please go to our Contact Us page, where you'll find an email Link, or click on any of the item email Links in the Product Lists.