Buying Advice

MotorMoor New Web Site Links to eBay:

This site can add almost any item to our MotorMoor Shop on eBay. Many items currently ready for sale will have a direct link to an eBay Sale with a matching Entry in our eBay Shop. Other items that are either ready, or that will soon be ready, will be marked by an "email" marker to advise that contact be made to check on likely availability. If something is ready but not yet listed on eBay, we can add the item very quickly with an option to "Buy It Now" via eBay at an agreed Price.

The whole MotorMoor Web Site is usually fully updated every day showing current Price and Availability, together with Data Pages and Images if the item needs this level of detail. Anything on the MotorMoor Web Site that has a Green Background is in Stock at MotorMoor and available for immediate Sale and Despatch, either via eBay when there is an eBay link, or direct from MotorMoor if there is simply an email link.

With the MotorMoor web site, you will always know what is available now, what will be available in the future, and what has definitely been sold!

MotorMoor Order Payments:

We Sell either via eBay or via Email Sales Negotiation. Either way, Payment can be made in various ways provided the Total Amount Payable has been established beforehand (via eBay Sale or via email).

We have Listed all Payment Methods that we can accept in our Payment Options page. Please note that for Security Reasons, we prefer written Payment notification such as via Fax or via Electronic Transfer if at all possible.

We'll advise our Bank Details for Payment via Cash Deposit or Bank Transfer.

Debit Card and Credit Card details can be taken either over the Telephone or sent via Facsimile. We have in-house Merchant Facilities, so can then Security Check and Process the Payment.


Most lower value items can be Paid via PayPal. Higher value items can be paid via PayPal by prior agreement. Once an item or group of items have been discussed via email and the Total Payment Amount Established, we can arrange for PayPal to email a direct request Payment.

Payment is then made to PayPal directly via their Secure On-Line System. Once Paid, PayPal then notify us to confirm when the Payment has been Authorised. Upon this Confirmation, we then Ship the Goods at the next Opportunity. Same Day Despatch if possible, otherwise Next Working Day Despatch if we have already gone past the Cut-off time to Pick and Pack the Order. Our Cut-Off Time varies depending on the Size and Weight of the item and the method being used for Carriage (Parcel or Pallet).

You do not need to have a PayPal Account to Pay for an Order via PayPal, as PayPal can accept Payment via almost any valid Credit Card or Debit Card.

Payment for eBay Auctions when not using PayPal:

Please contact us via email link below to confirm the Auction details:

email MotorMoor here

We will then make direct contact to advise and discuss payment options.

General Requirements for Payment via Credit or Debit Card:

To pay via Credit or Debit Card, we'll need the information listed in Payment Options page.

In all cases, we have to establish that the person placing the order and the Credit or Debit Card holder are one and the same person. On a routine basis, we may ask for more details than normal, such as Faxed copies of the actual Credit Card, or a Faxed copy of a recent Credit Card Statement showing that the proposed delivery Address and Card Holder's Address are identical.

Credit Accounts:

MotorMoor seldom grants Credit Accounts, so please assume that all goods must be paid for before we'll despatch.